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How Can Chiropractic Care Help Your Back & Neck Pain?

Are you one of the millions of people in this country contending with back pain? Do you deal with sporadic or chronic neck pain? You may be wondering whether you’ll ever experience that sense of flexibility and comfort again. 

We Can Identify the Problem, Help You Recover, and Get You Moving Again!

  • No waiting weeks on end for your first appointment! 
  • No painful surgery or needles. 
  • And no more relying on medication for relief!

Rest assured, chiropractic care is renowned for helping millions recover from chronic and traumatic back and neck pain.

Our dedicated chiropractors will investigate the TRUE cause of the pain. We understand that sometimes a perfectly healthy back may “go bad” slowly, over many years, or in the split-second of an accident. 

Want to try some At-Home Stretches to Relieve Your Pain? Two Videos that Can Relieve Pain NOW: 

At-Home Stretches to Relieve Back & Neck Pain

What to Expect From Back and Neck Care

1. Examination

It is important to understand the cause of your back or neck pain. Our Hiram chiropractors will conduct various tests and exams to identify the cause of your pain and assess your general health.

2. Treatment

Once the chiropractor finishes the exam, he will then prescribe a treatment plan that is right for you. It is likely that you will start some form of treatment at your first visit. Treatments may vary depending on the severity of your problem.

3. Wellness Management

Once you have reached a level of recovery that is manageable, the chiropractor will work with you to establish lifestyle changes that may be helpful to maintaining your newfound mobility and good health. This may include occasional "maintenance" appointments.

What Causes Back Pain?

There are so many factors that can lead to back pain. Below, we’ll discuss the most common causes of upper and lower back pain.

Disc Bulges or Herniation

Disc herniation is the most common and one of the most excruciating causes of back pain. The pain is often described as burning or tingling and can even shoot down the arm resulting in numbness.

Disc bulges can be very difficult to treat depending on which disc is affected. However, there are non-invasive treatments that have been proven effective, such as chiropractic treatments.

Disc bulges usually occur from normal wear-and-tear or improper lifting, and sometimes even degenerative conditions cause the discs to break down.

If a disc herniation is pressing against a nerve in your back and causing you pain, the first step is visiting your chiropractor to find out what’s causing your pain and how to get rid of it.


A subluxation is defined as a slight dislocation of vertebrae away from their proper position. While this may not sound like a severe problem, the reality is that a lot of people go through life with excruciating pain caused by misaligned vertebrae and don’t even know it.

People who suffer from subluxation of the vertebrae experience painful conditions in their back, such as muscle spasms, sciatica, and lower-back pain.

Fortunately, the problem may be easy to fix. A Chiropractic Adjustment is a gentle yet powerful treatment that realigns vertebrae to their proper position. Within a few sessions, you could have more energy, stamina, and freedom of movement than ever before.

Call our Hiram Chiropractors for treatment today!

Stress and Back Pain

Stress has a direct impact on your back pain. While long-term stress causes chronic muscle tension and can lead to increased pain that lasts for extended periods, even short surges of stress and anxiety can cause the body to tense up.

This produces what is referred to as “acute pain.” If you suffer from acute or chronic back pain, reducing your stress level is crucial to manage your symptoms and improve your overall well-being.

The chiropractors at Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, GA, can help you. Give us a call today at 770-439-7765.

Muscle Sprains & Tendon Strains

The lower back is particularly vulnerable to injury. The muscles, bones, ligaments, and tendons that support the lower back can quickly become strained or sprained. The pain associated with these injuries may radiate into the leg or back of the thigh and range from mild to severe.

Other causes of back pain may include:

Don’t let low back pain ruin your quality of life! A chiropractic adjustment may be exactly what you need to get your body back on track.

If you experience pain in your lower back, you should seek chiropractic treatment as soon as possible to avoid further damage to this area. Get in touch with us!

Treatments We Provide for Back and Neck Pain

Local Chiropractor in Hiram, GA for Back and Neck Pain

Welcome to Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, where we provide chiropractic treatment for everything from neck and back pain to more complex cases like auto accident injuries and fibromyalgia. We have Georgia licensed Chiropractors available, and our office is staffed with a team dedicated to serving you with quality chiropractic care in Hiram and Paulding County.

If you are looking for a local chiropractor near you, you can expect your visit to Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, GA, to be exceptional. Our chiropractors and dedicated staff will welcome you to our office and help you through each step of your treatment. We have built a high level of trust with our Paulding County community, and we always provide excellent patient care. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment! 770-439-7765

How Does Chiropractic Care Relieve Pain?

The number one reason people visit a chiropractor is for pain relief/management. But believe it or not, chiropractic care is beneficial for relieving many different types of pain – not just back pain. For example, a misalignment in the spine can lead to things like headaches, joint pain, menstrual cramps, numbness, and so much more. 

A recent survey conducted by Consumer Reports found that over ninety percent of all people who seek chiropractic care for pain report experiencing “a lot” of relief from their symptoms. The analysis found that the hands-on technique works just as well as pain drugs, and it is safer, too (source). 

So if you are experiencing any pain, it is wise to stop by our office to see how we might help manage your pain. We use several different techniques to help with pain management in our office, and here are a few. 

1. Whole health evaluation

We look at your health from a multi-faceted perspective to figure out how to best help you. This includes, but is not limited to, recommendations with diet and exercise as well as supplements that may help you on your health journey. 

2. Spinal adjustment

Spinal adjustments are the core of chiropractic treatment when it comes to types of care in our office. We know that if the body can work correctly, it can do what it needs to heal. Adjusting the spine for optimal function allows the nerves and body to function the way they were meant to. 

Many types of pain can be caused by a vertebral misalignment and swelling caused by illness and injury. When we adjust your spine to be in the correct position, pressure and irritation are relieved from discs and nerves. This allows your nerves a greater potential to communicate and function properly within your nervous system, thus allowing increased function and healing.

3. Decompression Therapy

Not all chiropractors offer Decompression Therapy, it is something unique to a few offices, including Cornerstone Chiropractic. Spinal Decompression Therapy involves variable traction of the spine with the use of a specialized table to relieve back or neck pain that may or may not radiate to the arms or legs. As with all our methods, the procedure is non-surgical.

4. Deep Tissue Massage

We have an in-house deep tissue massage therapist. Therapeutic massage can greatly relieve pain caused by stress, muscle tension, inflexibility, and scar tissue.

5. Cold Laser Therapy

We have been seeing great results with patients that use our cold laser therapy. Whereas heat can be a trigger for inflammation and pain, “cold laser” or light therapy has been seen as a means to decreasing pain and inflammation while stimulating cellular structures to heal faster. 

6. Other types of adjustments

Chiropractors not only adjust the spinal column, but we can also adjust things like wrists, ankles, and even the jaw to help with TMJ.

Our chiropractor also treats various other ailments, including: 

As you can see, we do a lot more than just “pop” or “crack” the back. Chiropractic care encompasses a variety of treatments and techniques that work together to help relieve pain and get your body functioning the way it was meant to. Set up an appointment today! Call 770-439-7765 now.

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Cornerstone Chiropractic is fantastic. My experience was amazing. I recommend this place to everyone. Great Doctors doing a good job.
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Cornerstone Chiropractic is fantastic. The doctors and staff are very attentive to any of your needs. They provide great adjustments and therapies that will help you get out of pain and back to your regular routine in no time! If you are located in Hiram this is chiropractic office to go to.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram
- Cecilia P.
Both doctors and staff are exceptional and definitely show care and compassion no matter how light or severe the diagnosis is. Dr. Dan is always in a great mood and values all the clients as family. Highly recommended!
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