Wellness Care

Healthier Habits & Lifestyle Changes to Help Relieve You of Pain

how Can Wellness Care Improve Your Life?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between wellness care and standard medical care is? Medical care involves adding things to your body to induce healing. Wellness care seeks to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability to improve health. An individual may be prescribed medicine to reduce their high blood pressure (medical care) but will need to make changes in their life to correct the cause of the high blood pressure (wellness care). 

Our doctors personalize wellness care to each person’s needs. What works for one individual may not work for you. That is why our doctors will work with you to develop a plan that seeks to improve your body’s natural healing. This plan may include healthier eating habits, more physical exercise, or posture adjustments. Talk with your doctor and develop a plan that works best for you. 


Plan Development

After your treatment, the doctor will discuss lifestyle changes that may help maintain your spinal and mental health. Be honest with your doctor.


After working with the doctor, it is crucial that you put your plan into place. Start slow and make sure not to overdo it at first.

Observation & Adjustment

Sometimes things work better on paper than in reality. If something isn't working, talk to the doctor about finding an alternative.


Wellness care focuses on improving your general health and stimulating your body's natural healing. By focusing on wellness care, you should see improvements in spinal health, ability to do physical activity, heart health, and mental health.


• Increase Physical Exercise
• Healthier Eating Habits
• Quitting Smoking
• Quitting Drinking
• Diabetes Management Programs
• Regulate Sleep Schedule
• Posture Adjustment

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