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Chiropractic Wellness Care in Hiram, GA

Healthier Habits & Lifestyle Changes to Help Relieve You of Pain

How Can Wellness Care Improve Your Life?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between wellness care and standard medical care is? Medical care involves adding things to your body to induce healing. Wellness care seeks to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability to improve health. An individual may be prescribed medicine to reduce their high blood pressure (medical care) but will need to make changes in their life to correct the cause of the high blood pressure (wellness care). 

Our doctors personalize wellness care to each person’s needs. What works for one individual may not work for you. That is why our doctors will work with you to develop a plan that seeks to improve your body’s natural healing. This plan may include healthier eating habits, more physical exercise, or posture adjustments. Talk with your doctor and develop a plan that works best for you. 

Wellness Care: How It Works

Plan Development

After your treatment, the doctor will discuss lifestyle changes that may help maintain your spinal and mental health. Be honest with your doctor.


After working with the doctor, it is crucial that you put your plan into place. Start slow and make sure not to overdo it at first.

Observation & Adjustment

Sometimes things work better on paper than in reality. If something isn't working, talk to the doctor about finding an alternative.

Examples of Wellness Care

Wellness care focuses on improving your general health and stimulating your body's natural healing. By focusing on wellness care, you should see improvements in spinal health, ability to do physical activity, heart health, and mental health.

  • Increase Physical Exercise
  • Healthier Eating Habits
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Quitting Drinking
  • Diabetes Management Programs
  • Regulate Sleep Schedule
  • Posture Adjustment

What is Chiropractic Wellness Care?

The saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” which is the benefit of Chiropractic wellness care. Keeping your body as healthy as possible saves you time, pain, and medical bills. 

Chiropractic Wellness Care is all about ensuring that your body is working correctly and allowing your body’s natural healing and recovery abilities to function as they should. Chiropractic wellness care ensures that your vertebrae are properly aligned and carefully adjusts any subluxation (misalignment) before you experience any symptoms such as pain. 

Pain, which even includes headaches, is among your body’s final warning signs that there is something wrong. Therefore, attempting to maintain a correctly aligned spine (including the neck as a part of the spine) with chiropractic wellness care might very well result in the troubles in your neck being resolved long before you ever really get a headache!

Because wellness care isn’t about fixing things that have been broken, it doesn’t focus on getting things back to how they should be. Instead, it is very focused on how a healthy body should work. Sometimes, the client doesn’t even indicate being sick, such as having pain. 

These are the main goals of chiropractic wellness care for people – to detect and resolve any troubles before they turn into a concern. In addition, maintaining a healthy central nervous system benefits your immune responses and general well-being, keeping you healthier and stronger than most individuals.

At Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, GA, Dr. Dan and Dr. Chris use various gentle methods to improve nerve disorders. Their three-step path to wellness starts with a focus on:

  1. Getting you out of pain.
  2. Stabilizing the area.
  3. Concluding with preventive treatment services for the future.

Want to find out more? Chiropractic wellness care can help you and your body. Call Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, GA, at (770) 439-7765 now to schedule a consultation. In addition, if you believe any of your friends or family members could benefit from chiropractic wellness care, please encourage them to schedule a visit with Cornerstone as well.

Are There Things I Can Do To Make Myself Healthier?

Yes, and here is a shortlist of a few things you can do for yourself to keep yourself healthier and feeling well. By doing these every week, or as often as you can, you will be well on your way to developing a more healthy routine and lifestyle for yourself.

  1. Get frequent chiropractic adjustments, 1-2 times per month, based on activity level
  2. Do yoga or pilates daily to stretch.
  3. Consume a diet high in natural vitamin and mineral sources, particularly calcium (i.e., green leafy vegetables)
  4. Take part in daily core and paraspinal strength exercises.
  5. Develop better body posture habits

Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, GA, understands and recognizes the importance of a busy lifestyle for improved well-being. That is precisely why we provide a wide range of health services to assist that standard of living. 

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Wellness Care?

Frequent spinal corrections are often just as beneficial as many other kinds of preventive health services. Patients who take steps towards wellness and prevention typically experience less pain, improved spinal function, more robust immune systems, and enhanced overall health by adjusting their nervous systems regularly. In addition, since the nervous system regulates all systems of the body, along with the digestive and immune functions, many more patients confirm that they do not get sick as frequently as their relatives, family, and friends.

In chiropractic wellness care, the mobility and condition of the cervical spinal joints are focused on enhancing the human body’s overall functioning. A great deal of information in your body moves through your spine, from your consciousness to your body and back again, which is why it’s so essential to maintain your spinal column in good shape for overall health and wellness. 

The goal isn’t just to fix injured tissues but to keep potential injuries from happening in the future. This change in mindset is what makes our ideology of preventative measures, rather than treatment, distinctively different. With a better lifestyle, caloric intake, and workouts, we often see people who make it a primary focus to get adjusted seem to have a better standard of living and happier lives.

Wellness Care Covers More Than Just Your Body

When multiple facets of your health are out of balance, your physical body bears the brunt. Chronic conditions and muscle pain are indeed a big part of many people’s lives. However, these problems aren’t always induced by being inactive or eating unhealthily. Sometimes our mental health can have a negative effect on our whole body and can cause physical ailments.

Another important aspect of total wellness is being socially engaged and having a network of friends and family to spend time with. While some people feel more socially awkward than others and might not be involved in the same degree of social interaction, everyone needs somebody else. It’s crucial to be able to exchange both the good and bad experiences we all have with one another.

It’s nearly impossible not to be healthy when all of these diverse facets of wellness are firing on all cylinders and working in tandem. Your Hiram chiropractor cares for the whole individual, not just certain physical illnesses that influence your overall health conditions. 

Chiropractic treatment tends to focus on addressing the root cause of physical problems. This frequently refers to mismatched vertebrae in the spine causing discomfort and even pain in one or more parts of the human body.

Live a Healthier Life With Chiropractic Wellness Care

Chiropractors use conventional spinal manipulation, trigger-point therapy, e-stimulation, and other treatment options to readjust your neck and spinal bones. Chiropractic treatment enables your body to heal on its own without multiple surgeries or medicines by trying to remove obstructions in nerve fibers, rebuilding joint flexibility, and suppressing pain and muscle soreness tension. 

At Cornerstone Chiropractic, our team is always here to help answer your questions. Do you have frequent headaches? Anxiety? Pain? We genuinely believe that you can have a better life if you get regular chiropractic care. 

Here are a few of the most common ways that chiropractic treatments can help you.

  • Fewer headaches – Nine out of 10 people in the United States have headaches. Countless people have headaches because they have tight muscles in their necks. Spinal manipulation and other chiropractic procedures can often help relieve headache symptoms and pain.
  • Improved posture – If you work at a desk, you’re likely to be sitting in a chair for longer than your body was intended to be. A great many people slump and have poor posture while they spend too much time in front of a desktop. This puts a bunch of extra tension on one’s neck, shoulders, and hips. Routine chiropractic treatment can help you get your spinal column back into alignment.
  • Less pain – A large number of people suffer from disorders such as back or neck pain. Pain killers do provide short-term relief, although they do nothing to address the root causes of the pain. Chiropractic care focuses on the source of the distress.
  • Improved immune system – Our immune system depends on appropriately sent messages from the brain to battle diseases and illnesses across our nervous system. If vertebrae are misaligned, they could perhaps pinch a nerve and potentially stop these messages. Routine chiropractic health and well-being treatments can help ease nerve stress and permit the immunological system to operate at its best.
  • Happier mood – Prescription drugs have historically been used to handle changes in mood or depression. That journey, however, can be costly and have many unwanted side effects. Chiropractic care helps bolster the nervous system, which can correct the chemical imbalance that creates mood changes. Chiropractic treatment can help us recover more quickly by attempting to remove obstructions in our nervous system.
  • Take less medication – Chiropractic care can dramatically reduce a person’s dependence on prescription medications since it can help alleviate many kinds of pain without surgical procedures. It is estimated that 96 percent of people who suffer from chronic back pain could be handled without surgery.

Health and well-being are a state of being in the best possible condition for normal functioning and then some. So first, search for the underlying causes of any disruption or interference, then make lifestyle changes and improvements that will help things run more smoothly again. People who are living in that kind of environment are more likely to heal naturally and avoid invasive treatment, which should be used only if it’s essential.

Things tend to get better whenever the body functions well, no matter the circumstances. This standard of health demonstrates that there is room for more vigor, thriving health, and an improved understanding of life. Creating an environment of emotional and mental well-being will assist in most but not all people’s issues.


What every day habits can enhance the effectiveness of Chiropractic Wellness Care?

Simple daily practices can complement Chiropractic Wellness Care. These include staying hydrated, practicing mindfulness or meditation to reduce stress, engaging in low-impact exercises like walking or swimming, and ensuring quality sleep. These habits support the body’s natural alignment and overall well-being.

Can Chiropractic Wellness Care help with stress management?

Yes, Chiropractic Wellness Care can be a powerful tool in managing stress. Regular chiropractic adjustments can improve nervous system function, leading to better stress response. Additionally, many find that chiropractic care, combined with lifestyle advice from the chiropractor, helps in developing a more balanced, stress-free life.

How does Chiropractic Wellness Care contribute to better sleep?

Proper spinal alignment, achieved through chiropractic adjustments, can significantly improve sleep quality. This is because misalignments can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep patterns. Regular chiropractic care can help in maintaining a comfortable, pain-free sleeping posture, thus promoting better sleep.

Is Chiropractic Wellness Care suitable for children and teens?

Yes, children and teens can greatly benefit from Chiropractic Wellness Care. It can aid in their overall growth and development, help maintain good posture, and prevent potential issues related to spinal misalignments. The care is tailored to be gentle and appropriate for their growing bodies.

Can regular chiropractic care improve athletic performance?

Athletes often find that regular chiropractic adjustments enhance their performance. By maintaining proper alignment, chiropractic care ensures optimal muscle and joint function, which is crucial for athletes. It also helps in quicker recovery from injuries and can provide preventative measures against future sports-related injuries.

Contact Our Hiram Chiropractic Clinic Today

Our Hiram Chiropractic clinic builds relationships with patients by ensuring they stay fit and active and offers the opportunity to make same-day appointments if needed. If Cornerstone Chiropractic is open, walk-ins are always free to come by.

Are you curious to learn more about chiropractic and health and well-being advantages? To set up an appointment, contact Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, GA. We look forward to helping you understand the healthcare outcomes!

Book an appointment today to jumpstart your family’s health by calling (770) 439-7765. We treat various patients with all sorts of health problems every day and will customize our treatments to your individual needs to give you the care you need. 

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