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Chiropractic Treatment For Auto Accident Injuries

Have you been involved in an auto accident recently? You may need chiropractic treatment for auto accident injuries.

Start Getting Treatment Immediately

If you were in an auto accident recently, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us soon. Auto Accidents are known for causing trauma to the joints and muscles in your body that can have long-term harmful effects.

At our clinic, we provide gentle, non-invasive, drug-free treatments that can help you recover from various car accident injuries, often in just a few weeks. Let's explore how chiropractic care can be your solution to overcoming auto accident injuries.

What If I Only Have a Little Soreness After an Accident?

You may be surprised to know that even if you feel “fine” after your car crash, you could still be dealing with an underlying injury. This feeling is because your body has a natural response that can mask pain, and it may take days or weeks for you to feel the real effects of a serious injury. If a hidden injury is left untreated, it could get worse as time passes.

What To Know After an Accident


Auto accident injuries can occur in minor or severe accidents. Common conditions we see include:

• Dashboard Knee
• Shoulder Dislocation


Many symptoms may not appear instantly after an accident. Some symptoms that you may feel after an auto accident include:

• Pain in your neck, shoulders, or knees
• Tingling or numbness
• Moderate to severe back pain


We can control inflammation and reduce pain and swelling with services like cold laser therapy and massage. Our care can also improve your alignment, reduce tension, and prevent recurring instability with services such as chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises.

What Can I Do at Home to Help With My Injuries?

If you are experiencing pain after an auto accident, you may find relief at home with the following remedies:
• Application of hot or cold packs to the affected area
• Limiting your physical activity
• Use of over-the-counter pain relievers

Can Chiropractic Care Help Pain From an Old Car Accident?

Absolutely! If you've been in a car accident, make sure to visit an emergency room promptly for any critical injuries, then make an appointment to see us. Chiropractic care can help reduce acute and new pain or help with chronic pain from older injuries.

Which Car Accident Injuries Can Be Treated With Chiropractic Care?

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Me After an Accident?

Early care and treatment are critical to quick rehabilitation. The sooner you can be evaluated, and begin a treatment plan, the sooner you can be on the road to recovery. Even if you only notice minor bruises or bumps after your car accident, it is recommended to have an examination by an experienced chiropractor. You could have some hidden injuries that may show up days or even weeks later.

Like any trauma, an auto accident can elevate your adrenaline levels and lead to a temporary numbing effect on any pain and discomfort. When the adrenaline wears off, you could start to feel some soreness, pain, and discomfort that you didn’t feel immediately after the accident. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for both acute and chronic pain relief.

Here are some of the benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries:

Reduced Pain & Inflammation

Your chiropractor will relieve pressure off of pinched nerves and tense muscles by realigning your spine. This brings many patients pain relief almost instantly. The body also releases pain-relieving hormones (e.g., oxytocin, cortisol, and neurotensin) during spinal manipulation, minimizing inflammation and pain.

Improved Range of Motion

A common symptom resulting from car accidents is stiffness in the back and neck, caused by misaligned spinal joints, built-up scar tissue, and inflammation. Chiropractic treatment for auto accident injuries can restore and even improve your range of motion by stabilizing and realigning the spine during adjustments.

Drug-Free, Non-Invasive Treatment

If you wait too long to seek treatment, your injuries could require surgery down the line. The best way to prevent surgery is by seeking chiropractic care immediately after your car accident. Chiropractic care does not involve any medications or surgeries to treat your injuries. Our Hiram chiropractors can realign your spine and joints, which will promote healing. Chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries can manage your pain long-term and provide recovery, rather than only masking the pain and symptoms like pills do.

Decreased Scar Tissue

Car accidents can leave victims with built-up scar tissue from injuries. The doctors at Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram can use techniques to target these areas and allow the scar tissue to break up faster. You’ll leave the chiropractor’s office feeling a lot less sore, leading to a quicker recovery.

Prevent Long-Term Conditions

Seeing a chiropractor right after your auto accident can stop a minor injury from turning into a severe condition later on. For example, if whiplash goes untreated, the pain may become a chronic issue, and it can even lead to memory loss and disability.

It Will Be Easier to Make a Personal Injury Claim

If your car accident was caused by someone else, you might need to file a personal injury claim. Injury claims can be complex, but receiving correctly documented treatment from a court-experienced chiropractor can help prove your claim for injuries and speed up your case.

Your chiropractor can make a record of every single injury that you have. You can then have these records sent to your attorney to be used to prove your personal injury claim.

Schedule a Chiropractor for Car Accident Injuries Today

At Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram, we have experienced, certified chiropractors who can help you on the road to recovery after a car accident. Visit our chiropractic office in Hiram, GA, or call us at 770-439-7765 to schedule an appointment today.

Chiropractic Treatment For Car Accident Injuries In Hiram

Cornerstone Chiropractic in Hiram offers many different treatment options for patients that have been injured in an auto accident. The services we provide for chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries include:


After your consultation, Cornerstone Chiropractic will perform a complete chiropractic examination. Depending on your specific condition, we may ask to take X-rays. X-rays help us develop the most efficient treatment plan for you and alert us of any severe injuries.

Chiropractic Adjustments

If you have suffered an injury or have chronic pain, chiropractic adjustments can decrease your pain and discomfort and encourage healing. The techniques used in chiropractic care can relieve pressure on your nerves and soft tissue and improve blood flow. The most important method of treatment is spinal alignment through manual manipulation.​

Spinal Decompression

If chiropractic adjustments are not accomplishing the best results, we offer state-of-the-art spinal decompression therapy. Spinal decompression is a computer-guided therapy that will gently manipulate the spine and surrounding areas to relieve pressure and pain. This is a highly effective treatment and can help patients avoid surgery following an auto accident injury.

Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy is an additional treatment meant to help manage pain, while other chiropractic treatments work to heal the cause of the pain. Many patients do not wish to use medications, and cold laser therapy is a healthy and safe alternative. Cold laser therapy improves circulation, helping excess fluid, inflammatory chemicals, and other toxins exit the body. This result makes it an effective option for long-term pain management in inflammatory conditions and injuries.

Spinal Traction

Spinal traction is a form of decompression therapy that helps to relieve pressure on the spine. It may be performed manually or mechanically. Spinal traction is used to treat many different types of back injuries and conditions.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a form of physical therapy in which practitioners use their hands to apply pressure to muscle tissue and manipulate joints to decrease back pain caused by muscle spasms, joint dysfunction, and muscle tension.

Medical Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a manual manipulation of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and other soft tissues. It is performed by a certified and trained medical professional using movement and pressure, and it is generally offered in combination with other forms of treatment.


Can chiropractic treatment help with emotional stress after a car accident?

Yes, chiropractic care can be very helpful in managing the emotional stress following a car accident. Along with improving physical well-being, it helps in balancing the nervous system, which can greatly reduce stress and anxiety. Regular chiropractic sessions can also promote a sense of overall wellness, which is vital in coping with emotional turmoil after a traumatic event like a car accident.

How often should I visit a chiropractor after a car accident?

The number of visits varies based on your specific condition. After evaluating your injuries, we'll create a treatment plan that may include frequent sessions at first, gradually decreasing as you recover. Regular chiropractic visits help in consistently managing pain and promoting healing, ensuring a steady path to recovery. It's important to follow the recommended schedule for the best results.

Are there any age restrictions for chiropractic treatment after a car accident?

Chiropractic care is appropriate for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Our treatments are customized for each individual, considering factors like age, health condition, and the nature of injuries. This means it's a safe and effective option for everyone. Young or old, our chiropractic care is gentle and tailored to suit your body's needs, ensuring a comfortable and beneficial experience.

Can chiropractic care help with sleep issues post-accident?

Definitely, chiropractic adjustments can significantly improve sleep quality post-accident. By alleviating pain and reducing muscle tension, it encourages better relaxation, which is essential for good sleep. Additionally, regular chiropractic care helps in regulating sleep patterns disrupted by the stress and discomfort of the accident. A relaxed body and a calm mind are key to a peaceful night's sleep, which is what our chiropractic treatments aim to provide.

Will my health insurance cover chiropractic care for car accident injuries?

Many health insurance plans do include coverage for chiropractic care, especially when it relates to auto accidents. We advise checking with your insurance provider to understand the specifics of your coverage. Our clinic can also assist in clarifying what treatments are covered under your plan. We aim to make chiropractic care accessible and affordable, helping you focus on your recovery without added financial stress.

Contact Us About Chiropractic Treatment For Car Accident Injuries

Please make an appointment with our Hiram, GA chiropractor for treatment. If you’re in Paulding County or surrounding areas, chiropractic care is available to you today. Call 770-439-7765 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.

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