Chiropractic Care

Advanced & Traditional Chiropractic Techniques To Help Relieve You of Pain

how Can Chiropractic Care Help You?

If you have chronic pain or you have suffered an injurychiropractic services may reduce your pain and discomfort and promote healing. Chiropractic care has a long history of use and proven health benefits. However, before you try it, you should educate yourself about chiropractic care by talking to one of our Hiram Chiropractors. 

Chiropractic care is personalized to each person’s healthcare needs. It is beneficial if you have any type of misalignment that could be contributing to your body’s pain, as well as conditions like headaches, or life-long ailments. During an appointment, our chiropractor may pair spinal alignments with other commonly used chiropractic services to optimize your healing and pain relief. For instance, massage therapy, spinal decompression, or exercise therapy may also be part of the plan. 



The doctor will conduct general tests to determine blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and flexibility. They will then inspect the affected area, looking at the muscle tone, muscle strength, and range of motion.


The doctor will conduct necessary spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and/or soft tissue massage. Treatment is different for everyone, so please talk to your doctor if something is or isn't working.

Wellness Management

The doctor will work with you to establish habits and lifestyle changes that may be helpful to improving your injury. A good wellness program can help maintain spinal health and maintain a positive mental state.

Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Injury


Chiropractic care is a form of natural medicine that primarily focuses on the spine and how it relates to the rest of your body. The techniques used in this form of medicine encourage blood flow and relieve pressure on your nerves and soft tissue. The most important method of treatment is spinal alignment through manual manipulation.​
Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Injury


One of the main benefits of chiropractic care is that it's a natural treatment; therefore, it works with your body to reduce your pain and discomfort. With chiropractic care, you don't just receive a medication that masks your discomfort since it targets the root of the problem and acts as a long-term solution. It encourages the healing process. Chiropractic care isn't addictive like pain medications, nor does it cause harmful side effects. ​

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