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Mark C.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

I had a shoulder injury that was not healing, as well as headaches, lower back and leg pain, and chronic fatigue. Within the first two weeks, my blood pressure went down, and headaches and acid reflux no longer bother me. The injured shoulder is quickly becoming my stronger shoulder!

Tammy J.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

I was having headaches and migraines 4 to 5 days a week. Some of the headaches were as severe as migraines. In about 5 months of getting adjusted, my headaches have gone down to just a few a month and are much more manageable.

Toni T.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

Before coming to Cornerstone Chiropractic I had to think "Is it worth the pain I will have tonight if I do this?" Now, I can get up from a chair without feeling like crying. I am in the process of packing my entire house, moving heavy boxes, and I AM PAIN FREE! Thank you Dr. Roberts!

Jennifer E.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

I had severe asthma, left-side pain, neck pain, and pelvic pain. I was using my inhaler at least two times a day for over 15 years. After 8 months of adjustments, I was hardly using my inhaler anymore. My side and neck pain were virtually gone... I can’t explain how much I value Cornerstone Chiropractic!

Kayla S.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

This is my all-time favorite place to get Adjusted. Dr. Dan & Dr. Chris truly care about each patient and give the best care possible... I've dealt with Debilitating sciatic nerve pain for these 8 years and the Drs get me right every time I come in hardly able to walk. Love you Dr. Dan & Chris. Yall are truly a blessing!

Derrick D.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

The reason I came into Cornerstone Chiropractic is because I was tired of being told that there was not a solution to my pain and discomfort. The biggest way Dr. Roberts and Dr. Key have helped is that I can finally sit and play in the floor with my son! Thank you guys!

Cynthia T.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

I came in due to back pain and headaches. As things progress the back pain is less often and lessened. I no longer experience regular headaches, and the few I do experience are gradually becoming further apart and not as painful.

Richard N.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

Severe back pain- I could not get out of bed due to back pain. I was on pain medication and muscle relaxers. I came back after my evaluation; Dr. Key adjusted me. The next morning when I came in, I no longer needed pain medication or muscle relaxers. I have been improving continuously since then.

Barbara V.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

My 8 year old son [had been diagnosed with] bone age disease due to the circulation of blood coming from his adrenal glands....I have been taking him [to Cornerstone Chiropractic] 3 times a week for 8 months. When I returned to the Doctor that diagnosed him for follow-up blood work, his adrenal hormone levels were normal again!

Shannan B.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

I love this office! Dr. Chris and Dr. Dan take the time to listen to you and will work with you to improve your health. Their adjustments always aid me in feeling and being my best. I recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Johanna W.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

Dr. Roberts adjusted a bone in place, put my hips back in place, and adjusted my rib cage back into place. This was the best investment in my health I ever made. Just to know that I can come once or twice a week makes my whole body feel much better. Thank you Dr. Key and Dr. Roberts!

T. Howard
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

Both doctors and staff are exceptional and definitely show care and compassion no matter how light or severe the diagnosis is. Dr. Dan is always in a great mood and values all the clients as family. Highly recommended!

Angela H.
Five Star Rated Chiropractors in Hiram

I came in today to be adjusted and truly left a different person. I did my exercises as I normally do and laid down on a table and waited to be seen. As I laid there, I was listening to all the different stories each one was telling you.

One was a family that I know personally. They had visited the day before. The child had been running a fever and the mother was in some pain. Today, the child was fever free and the mom was feeling much better. You took the time to explain to the mom about some ribs that were out of place and also about her child’s fever and how his body was trying to fight off something.

Next, there was an elderly lady that seemed to be having some severe pain. You were asking her where she hurt and what she was feeling. You took so much time with her explaining how she can do this and how she could do that so she would feel better.

Then I began to think about the sports equipment up front and how you all were trying to help the children of our community. I became overwhelmed with emotion. I have heard you both say how you love what you do and how you love helping the community but it really sank in today.

As each patient left, they received a hug and you even helped walk the elderly lady to the front. At the moment, I was truly thankful for what you all have done for not only me and my entire family but our community.

I realized how important your job is and wondered if you all have ever become overwhelmed with emotion as I did. I also realized how important it is for me to be healthy now, and I feel that I am truly heading down the right path.

After I was adjusted, I received my hug. I know I squeezed a little harder and longer and I think I even added a couple of pats on the back.
I cannot remember if I told you thank you or not, but I knew if I looked at you that I would start to cry and I am not a crier!

So, when I left, I was compelled to write this letter to both Dr. Roberts and Dr. Key. Thank you to you all. You have inspired me to do and give more in every aspect. You all are truly saving lives and changing our community and you can’t put a price on that!

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