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Over 90% of chiropractic patients experience at least a 30% reduction in pain after treatment. One method of treatment is therapeutic massage. It uses a variety of techniques to treat pain and injuries. Chiropractic treatment has many benefits. These range from more flexibility and less pain to improved well-being. 


Read more about therapeutic massage, its benefits, and the types of massage below. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact us today

What Is Therapeutic Massage? 

Therapeutic Massage combines traditional, holistic chiropractic methods with massage therapy methods. This type of treatment option helps treat various acute and chronic pain. Therapeutic Massage promotes internal healing, health, and wellness. 


Chiropractors realign spines, joints, and muscles. Therapeutic Massage treatments remove tension and reduce pain. It also promotes healing in the tissue and muscles and increases blood flow. Integrating massage therapy with chiropractic treatments can prevent the brain from developing. 

What Does Massage Therapy Do for Pain?  

Massage therapy is great for pain! It relieves tension and pressure on joints, muscles, and tendons. It also stimulates the nerves, which redirects pain signals to the brain. Many people see an improvement in stress, anxiety, and depression with regular massage. 


Less stress leads to less tension and pain. Higher serotonin levels are also related to more pleasure and joy in daily activities. Regular massage can also boost moods. It increases blood flow and circulation, enhances mental health, and supports overall health. 

Conditions Therapeutic Massage Therapy Treats: 

Therapeutic Massage is a solid treatment option for many diseases and disorders. It also helps treat injuries and other medical conditions. However, we see many patients with the same issues. Read more about the most common conditions we treat below: 

Back Pain 

Often, back pain is due to inflammation, misaligned vertebrae, or damaged muscles. Bad posture can also contribute to back and neck pain. When treating back pain with therapeutic massage, it promotes more blood flow around the spine. This is beneficial for the nerves, muscles, tendons, and joints. 


Tight muscles in the neck or upper back and spine cause a lot of people to suffer from headaches. Swelling in the joints or muscles can restrict blood flow, which also causes headaches. A therapeutic massage loosen tight muscles and improves blood flow, which can lead to decreased headaches. 

Neck Pain 

Neck pain can be from poor posture, headaches, or a misaligned spine. The muscles in the neck often grow tight and stiff, making it difficult for people to move or function. Chiropractors often treat neck pain with a variety of methods, including massage. 

Joint Pain 

People suffer from joint pain for a variety of reasons, including autoimmune disorders, aging, or injuries. Chiropractors often readjust the joints and use massage to treat patients. This is to reduce swelling in the surrounding muscles and promote healing and blood flow. 

Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy: 

So, what are the other benefits of therapeutic massage? We’ve discussed many above, but keep reading to learn more details: 

Improved Circulation 

Therapeutic massage and adjustments promote better circulation. This is by increasing the space between the vertebrae. By doing this, the nerves and blood vessels function properly. When pressure and tension is reduced, the blood flows more easily. Many patients see improvements in circulation throughout the body. 

Better Posture 

Tension often results in bad posture, which in turn causes a host of medical issues. Stiff necks, back or neck pain, and strained muscles are all issues stemming from bad posture. A chiropractor can help improve posture with alignment and promote healthy healing of muscles with massage. 

Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion 

It’s difficult to move your body when your muscles are tight or the spine is misaligned. Using muscles that are damaged or inflamed can cause even more issues, including less range of motion. therapeutic massage loosens tightness and improves blood circulation. 

Boost to Overall Health 

Therapeutic massage and care enhances the functionality of the nervous system and blood flow. These promote internal healing, flexibility, and mobility. Many people have less pain with regular chiropractic treatments. This helps to improve mental and physical health. 


Chiropractors take a holistic approach to treatment. They look at the bigger picture to determine the root cause of issues. They then assess all related symptoms to create a customized treatment plan that addresses all issues. This often includes therapeutic massage and therapies. 

Types of Therapeutic Massage: 

Did you know there are several types of therapeutic massage? Each method targets different things. This allows chiropractors to develop a customized patient treatment plan. Read more about the most common massage types below: 

Medical Massage 

A medical massage is similar to a typical massage you book for relaxation. However, medical massage therapy does differ because it targets specific patient problem areas. This helps them to reduce triggers, inflammation, and pain while increasing blood flow and mobility. 48% of all massages are to treat health issues or promote general wellness.  

Sports Massage 

Sports massages are popular for athletic individuals. These massages target muscle tension and strains, which are common problems athletes face. A sports massage allows the recipient to move more freely, improves their posture, and boosts performance. 

Structural Integration 

Fascia, or the connective tissue in your body, is often tight and the root of many people’s problems. A structural integration massage focuses on this tissue. It lengthens and repositions it to allow people to move more freely and easily. 

Kinetic Fascial Release

Kinetic fascial stretching is a massage technique that reduces patients' chronic and acute pain. It stretches the fascia tissue and helps improve mobility, inflammation, and range of motion. This type of treatment promotes emotional and physical well-being. 

Schedule Your Massage With Cornerstone Chiropractic and Spine Center Today! 

As you now know, therapeutic massage is a highly beneficial treatment option for many types of ailments. Chiropractors assess each patient and develop a customized treatment plan. These plans often focus on improving mobility, range of motion, and pain while reducing inflammation and tension. 


If you are ready to see how therapeutic massage can transform your life, Cornerstone Chiropractic and Spine Center in Hiram, GA are here to help. Check out our new patient special and schedule your appointment today! 


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